Single screw extruder Cincinnati Proton 75-30G


Year of manufacture:

Output rate:
up to 400 kg/h (HDPE)
up to 250 kg/h (PP)

Running hours:
approx. 57.700 h


CINCINNATI PROTON 75-30G                                   

Screw diameter: 75 mm, L/D = 30
Grooved intake zone
Motor (DC-drive): 120 kW
Screw speed: max. 180 rpm
Heating zones for tooling: 5 pcs (32 A/10.5 kW) + 1 pcs for adapter (32 A/ 5.5 kW)
NEW melt pressure & temperature sensors included
NEW touch screen control KEB 18.5 inch (wide screen)
Barrel in bi-metallic execution - Condition: okay
Screw with steel plated flights and hardened intake zone – condition: good
Material hopper
Dimensions without hopper (l x w x h): 3.200 x 1.300 x 2.200 mm, Weight: 2.900 kg


fully refurbished with new machine control
function checked
with function guarantee