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Single screw extruder CINCINNATI Proton 90-30G 


Year of manufacturing:

Running hours: 
approx. 42.000 h

fully refurbished



Screw diameter: 90 mm, L/D = 30
Intake zone executed with grooved feed bush
Motor (DC-drive): 220 kW
Screw speed: max. 153 rpm
Tool heating zones: 8 + 1 for adapter
Melt pressure & melt temperature sensor included
EXcPRO-NT control system including CAN-Bus for data communication
Barrel in bimetallic execution, new in 2008 – Condition: good
New screw in 12/2015 with approx. 4.000 running hours since then – Condition: good
Without profitec device

Refurbishment in 2017:
Machine has been disassembled completely. Gear box has been checked and sealed new. Motor has been checked and equipped with a new bearing and new sliding contacts. All electrical parts have been checked and renewed where necessary. New painting. Complete function test

Condition:  very good, ready for operation with function guarantee


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