SML chill-roll plant incl. winding station


Year of manufacture:

Film width:
up to 1.000 mm

Very good


SML chill-roll plant incl. winding station
type: LKA 10 C1/75GS/L1000/50

for the production of thermoplastic films up to 1.000 mm width
Chill-roll water cooled
Roll diameter: 550 mm
Roll width: 1.100 mm
Roll rotation speed: max. 74 rpm
Turret winder for continuous roll change
Automatic cutting device for film
Axial stretching of foil by different rotation speeds of chill-roll and winder (adjustable)
Separate control panel and switch cabinet
Connection power: 26 kW
Overall dimension (l x w x h): 4.400 x 3.356 x 1.800 mm, weight: 2.000 kg

very good
only used inside lab
ready for operation