Caterpillar haul-off/saw combination CAT PUL 30/9


Year of manufacture:

Running hours: 

running condition


Haul-off GREINER CAT PUL 30/9

Contact length caterpillars: 2.300 mm
Contact width: 325 mm
Opening height: 140 mm
Max. profile height: 140 mm
Max. profile width: 430 mm
Haul-off speed: 0.2 – 9.0 m/min
Haul-off force (at 6 m/min): 30 kN
Working height: 1.040 – 1.140 mm adjustable
Length adjustment via spindle and motor: 1.4 kW
Drive caterpillars: 2 x AC Motors: 2.1 kW / 1 controller

Integrated circular saw GREINER S/400

Saw blade diameter: 400 mm
Motor: 2.2 kW
Dimension (lxwxh): 5.500 x 1.130 x 1.650 mm, Weight: 2.700 kg

Condition:   in running condition, as it is


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