Pipe head PO 3 315 for the production of 3-layer pipes


Year of manufacture:

Running hours:

Diameter range:
Ø 16 - 315 mm


Pipe head:

PO 3 315 is suitable for the production of 3 layer pipes with layer structure:
Outside PE, middle layer Adhesive and inner layer EVOH

Head system:

The outer layer is produced via a helical spiral distributor
The middle and inner layer are based on radial spiral distributors


As Pipe head
As cross head for pipe coating
As cross head for pipe in pipe production
Min. pipe diameter    16 mm
Max. pipe diameter  315 mm

Diameter Range:

As a cross head: 16 – 125 mm
As for pipe in pipe production: 16 – 125 mm
As pipe head: 16 - 315 mm


Outer layer up to 500 kg/h
Adhesive and EVOH: 15 – 20 kg/h

Parts list:

Pipe head with centring unit and 2 die sets
Adapter Coex 1
Adapter Coex 2
Main adapter


Condition: excellent


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