Pipe cutting machine SICA TRS/C/SY 32 -250 CNC


Year of manufacture:

Diameter range:
32 - 250 mm

in good running condition


Pipe cutting machine SICA TRS/C SY 32-250 CNC

Automatic machine for cutting pipes from PVC, ABS, PE & PP
Pipe range: Ø 32 – 250 mm
Wall thickness: max. 40 mm (depending on material)
Slide stroke synchronised: max. 2.000 mm
Saw unit executed as planet circular saw with cutting disc and milling tool for chamfering of pipes
Incl. clamping jaws for PP pipes Ø 200 / 250 mm
Incl. swarf extraction
Extrusion height: 900 - 1.350 mm
Overall dimensions (l x w x h): 3.978 x 1.311 x 2.292 mm
Weight: 1.720 kg