Co-extruder Cincinnati CE 30/C


Year of manufacture:

Output rate:
PP: 10 kg/h, PE 12 kg/h, PVC: 15 kg/h

Running hours:
approx. 8.000 h only


Single screw extruder Cincinnati CE 30/C

Consisting of:
Machine column with 400 mm frame extension, main drive, reduction gear,
Screw & barrel, material hopper, switch cabinet incl. control panel
Output rate up to: PP: 10 kg/h, PE 12 kg/h, PVC: 15 kg/h
Motor: 7.5 kW (AC-drive)
Screw diameter: 30 mm
Effective screw length: 750 mm (L/D = 25)
Max. screw speed 160 rpm
Melt pressure & temperature sensor
Number of barrel heating zones: 3 pcs. á 1,5 kW
Total connecting power: 19 kW
Switch cabinet incl. SecuRe control
CAN-BUS slave interface
Voltage drop protection
Dimensions (l x w x h): 1.607 x 404 x 1.600 mm
Weight approx.: 600 kg

Condition:           ready to use