Second hand heating/cooling mixer for PVC VALTORTA V30/1000 HEV

Year of manufacture:

Running hours: 

in good working condition



Heating mixer VALTORTA V30

Tank capacity: 350 litres
Loading capacity: 80 – 130 kg
Mixing capacity for Dryblend: Rigid PVC: 120 kg/charge, Soft PVC: 88 kg/charge
Production capacity: 550 – 595 kg/h (depending on material and formulation)
Working temperature: from 80 – 120 °C
Motor: 37/52 kW

cooling mixer VALTORTA 1000 HEV

Tank capacity: 1.000 litres
Loading capacity: 700 kg
Production capacity: 400 – 1.050 kg/h
Motor: 7.5 kW


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