Lab Compounder incl. under water granulation

Year of manufacture:

Output rate:
15 kg/h PC/ABS (at 200 rpm)

still in production


Co-rotating twin screw extruder Theysohn TSK 030/40D (YOM: 1996)

Output rate: 15 kg/h PC/ABS (at 200 rpm)
Motor: 13.0 kW (AC-drive incl. frequency converter)
Screw diameter: 2 x 30 mm, L/D: 40
Screw speed: 0 - 500 rpm, Torque: 95 Nm per screw
Screws executed with plug-in elements
Barrel execution:
zone 3: atmospheric degassing
zone 4: lateral dosing system (twin screw)
zone 5: feeding of additives
zone 7: vacuum degassing incl. Vacuum pump
10 x barrel heating zones + 6 zones for adapter and strand tooling
Melt pressure & melt temperature control
Overall dimensions (l x w x h): 2.205 x 500 x 1.200 mm, weight: 800 kg

Melt pump and double piston screen changer ECON type ESK 55 (YOM: 2011)

Continuous system which allows to renew screens during operation

Under water granulation ECON EUP 100L (YOM: 2009)

Existing off:
3-strand granulation head
Polymer diverter valve
Under water pelletizing unit
Water treatment & drying system
Electrical control system

only used inside laboratory
in good working condition
miscellaneous spare parts are available